About Us


The Suffolk Piano Teachers Foundation is a non-profit organization of professional music educators specializing in the area of piano education. Our purpose is to involve teachers and their students in a musical community and assist teachers on every level, in attaining a higher quality of music education and experience for themselves and their students.  We enthusiastically pursue and investigate new avenues of the teaching experience. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month from September to June.

The SPTF was established in 1970 to provide a nucleus for discussion, information and new developments in the area of piano and keyboard pedagogy.  The group quickly expanded to include the presentation of workshops, trips and outside speakers.  We also provide recitals for performance opportunities for our students.  These include formal recitals, creative showcases, an annual themed festival, an annual Competition and an honors recital.  We provide assistance in preparing students for NYSSMA, the National Guild Auditions and RCM-MDP.  In order to assist the musical community, we provide a member directory to local school districts, public libraries, cultural & performing arts organizations and music stores.