Lending Library Auction Items

– Applause! Spotlight on motivation   performed by Valery Lloyd-Watts

o Book 1         o Book 2

– Burmuller 25 Progressive pieces performed by Valery Lloyd-Watts

– Complete piano music of William Gillock performed by Henry Doskey

o Volume 1

o Volume 2

o Volume 3

o Volume 4

– Discovered treasures performed by Vladimir Horowitz

– Encore! Performed by Kim O’Reilly

o Book 2

o Book 3

– Master composer collection performed by Dian Hidy

– J.S. Bach Eighteen Little Preludes

– J.S. Bach Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach & Two-Part Inventions

– MacDowell selected works for Piano

– Masterpieces with Flair! Performed by Kim O’Reilly

o Book 2 Standard Late Intermediate Literature

o Book 3 Standard Early Advanced Literature

– Masterwork Classics Levels 5&6 performed by Valery Lloyd-Watts

– Pamela Ross Plays

– Chopin Ballades

– Chopin Scherzi

– Recital Winners Volumes 1&2 performed by Valery Lloyd-Watts

– Sonatina Album performed by Kim O’Reilly

– Alfred’s
– All-in-one course (Lesson – theory – solo) BookI
– Group piano for adults (teacher’s handbook) Book 1
– Practice & performance by Jane Magrath – A practice guide to accompany
– Masterwork classics
o Level 1-2
o Level 3
o Level 4
– Handbook for Teachers
– Blues & Jazz Complete! By Dr. Bert Konowitz
– Celebration Series
– Sampler
– Allison contemporary piano collection – selections suitable for the auditions of the National Guild of Piano Teachers
o Elementary A/B
o Elementary C/D
o Elementary E/F
o Intermediate A/B
o Intermediate C/D
o Intermediate E/F
– Art of practicing – a guide to making music from the heart by Madeline Bruser
– Festival Music
– Classical Music stories by Cynthia G. Adams
– Contemporary: Music and the Pianist a Guidebook of Resources and Materials by Alice Canaday
– Student Guiders (4 of them) Nos. 5, 6, 7, 8
– Challenges in Piano Teaching – 1-to-1 lessons for the handicapped by Sidney J. Lawrence
– Chords Complete! What they are & how to use them by Dr. Bert Konowitz (with CD)
– 20th Century Sounts
– Duets
– Expressions of Human Emotions
– First Impressions – An Intermediate Piano Method by M’Lou Dietzer
– Volume A – An introductory volume reviewing basic music fundamentals and including musical experiments, sight reading, ear training and quizzes. Also includes a special insert of music and study guides.
– Volume I – Repertoire from four musical periods with study guides based on theoretical principles for teacher & student- Volume 4 – Late intermediate – Repertoire from four musical periods with study guides based on theoretical principles for teacher & student
– Guide to the masters 2nd edition – A plan for piano music studies from the easiest to advanced collections of the great composers
– Guides to the Pianist’s repertoire by Maurise Hinson
– Jass Conception by Jim Snidero (with CD)
– Keynote Independent Theory Service
– 1998 Test Kit
– 1 Curriculum Guide
– 1 Handbook for Organization
– 10 workbooks
– Guild Syllabus
– Fiscal Year 2001-2002
– How to play Jazz and improvise Volume 1 by Jamey Aebersold (with CD)
– Intermediate piano repertoires A guide for teaching by Cathy Albergo & Reid Alexander
– Mapping music: for faster learning and secure memory by Rebecca Payne
– Shockley
– Master Class Repertoire & conversions by Janet Vogt (with CD)
– Volume IV Intermediate
– Passionate PracticeL The Musician’s guide to Learning, Memorizing and performing By Margret Elson

– Mastering classic favorites by Paul Sheftel and Phyllis Alpert Lehrer (each includes a CD with performances, master class lessons and MIDI files)
o Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
– Meet the greet composers by June Montgomery and Maurice Hinson
– Music Alive! Great Composers of the 20th Century by Jacqueline Wollan Gibbons (with CD)
– Music Practice Record and Assignment Book by Gail Lew – A chronological record of student progree for 2 year.
– My Friend Lenny: A memoir by Ouida Blatt Mintz
– What Every Pianist Need to Know About the Body By Thomas Mark
– The Practice Revolution; Getting great results from the six days between lessons by Philip Johnston

o Book 1 – Late Elementary through early intermediate
o Book 2 – Intermediate through late intermediate
– Mystery to Mastery by Ingrid Jacobson Clarfield and Suzanne West Guy – A unique and exciting step-by-step approach to practicing and performing favorite repertoire from four stylistic periods
o Book 1
o Book 2
– New Orleans Jazz Styles by William Gillock
– NYSSMA Manuals
o Volume XXV Effective July 1, 1997

– Not until you’ve done your practice: The classi survival guide for kids who are learning a musical instrument, but hate practicing by Philip Johnston (Author), David Sutton (Contributor)
o Volume XXVI Effective July 1, 2000
o Volume XXVII Effective July 1, 2003
o Volume XXVIII Effective July 1, 2006
– Once-A-Day Sightreading Program for Piano by Sidney J. Lawrence
o Book 1
o Book 2
– Ornamentation – A question & answer manual by Valery Lloyd-Watts and Carole L. Bigler (2 copies)
– Pianist’s Guide to Pedaling by Joseph Banowentz
– Pianist’s Guider to Standard Teaching and Performance Literature by Jane MacGrath
– Piano Pieces for Teens by Sidney J. Lawrence
– Practical Piano Pedagogy – The Definitive Text for Piano Teachers and Pedagogy
– Remedial Sightreading for the Piano Student by Sidney J. Lawrence
– Not until you’ve done your practice: The classic survival guide for kids who are learning a musical instrument, but hate practicing By Philip Johnston (Author), David Sutton (Contributor)
– Passionate Practice: The Musiciams Guide To learning, memorizing and performing By: Margret Elson

– Teach Yourself to Play like a pro at the keyboard by Dr. Bert Konowitz
– Teaching Keyboard effectively yourself by Marienne Uszler
– Play it Again, Sam… What, Why and When to Repeat
– That’s a good questions… How to teach by asking questions.
– Teaching Piano – A comprehensive guide and reverence book for the instructor edited by Denes Agay
o Volume I
o Volume II
– Teaching toward tomorrow (debut music systems) by Sam Holland – Glossary/Index
– Students by Dr. Martha Baker-Jordan
– These music exams by Jean Harvey – An introduction to the examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
– The Practice Revolution: Getting great results from the six days between lessons. By Philip Johnston
– Teaching Genius by Dorothy Delay
– Raising Musical Kids by Robert A. Cutietta
– Musical Prodigies by Claude Kenneson
– The Great Pianists from Mozart to the Present by Harold Schonberg
– The Perfect Wrong Note by William Westney
– The Anatomy of Musicality by Rozalie Levant
–  Challenges in Piano Teaching:  one-to-one lessons for the   handicapped by Sidney Lawrence
– A Guide to Remedial Sightreading for the Piano Student by
Sidney Lawrence
– A.D.D. and Creativity:  Tapping your Inner Muse by
Lynn Weiss, Ph. D.
– Performance Practices in Impressionist Piano music byHinson

– Band in a box – 2006 Edition

– CD Sheet Music Piano Studies and Excercises the Ultimate Collection

– Finale Print Music! Music Notation Software – Create, hear and print great sheet music

– Masters Collections – Read, print & play piano scores

– Music Ace

– Music Ace II

– Alfred’s Theory Games

– Memorization in Piano Performance by Stewart Gordon

– Performance Practices

– In Baroque Keyboard Music by Maurice Hinson

– In Late 20th Century Piano Music by Stewart Gordon

– Usdan Center Brochure


– Anatomy of a Piano – How your grand piano works with piano technician John Serkin

– Original

– Copy

– Art of Piano – Great Pianists of the 20th Century

– Freeing the caged bird with Barbara Lister-Sink

– Developing well-coordinated, injury-preventive piano technique

– From Mao to Mozart – Isaac Stern in China

– History of the Pianoforte – A Documentary in Sound by Eva Badura-Skoda

– Memorization in Piano Performance with Stewart Gordon

– Pamela Ross (2 of each)

– Nelita True at Eastman

o Volume 1 – Portraits of a Pianist-Teacher

o Volume 2 – The Studio Lesson

o Volumes 1 & 2 Copy

o Volume 3 – Technique through listening

o Volume 4 – Principles of Style for the young pianist

o Volumes 3 & 4 Copy

– Performance practices

– Baroque Dance and Baroque Keyboard Music – Maurice hinson

– In Baroque Keyboard Music – Maurice Hinson

– In Early 20th Century Piano Music – Maurice Hinson or Stewart Gordon

-Usdan Center Tour

– Carreno Live in concert

SPTF Recitals 1994-2004  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qez2RXfAcXV0EhXxEjPTGHaBP9P9LPURcxSAbMA6zus


– Ten Dances in Latin American Style

– 6 Viennese Sonatinas (Palmer Ed.)

– Beach Salsa – B. Jackson (Level 2 NYSSMA)

– Best of Timothy Brown – T. Brown

– Dream of Olwen – C. Williams (Level 5 NYSSMA)

– Empire State – W. Garcia (Level 3 NYSSMA)

– Little Clavier Book (Palmer)


– Midnight Chase

– New Orleans Jazz Styles

– Nocturne

– Piano Music of Africa

– Saudades Do Brasil, Opus 67 – D. Milhaud (Level 5 NYSSMA)

– Scherzi

– Wild West