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2021 Adult Social – unscheduled

The Adult Social, open to members and their adult students, is held in the month of May.

Date:  the date is currently unscheduled and due to COVID-19, it’s feasibility will be assessed at a future date.

Venue:  home of Fred Barnett, Social Coordinator

Registration:  please contact Fred Barnett directly.

The Adult Social is an annual event held each May at the home studio of the Social Coordinator.  Adult students of member teachers who simply take piano and/or voice lessons for pleasure, casually meet up in an enjoyable, social setting as opposed to a recital.

Common interests are explored by playing and/or discussing pieces, or just some excerpts of pieces-in-progress, in a stress-free, judgment-free environment.

Join us for good discussions, conversation, story-telling, and of course, good music, along with refreshments. You can enjoy the social aspect of music study, at this annual event which continues to fulfill the participants each year.



May 7


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Member Home

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