Announcement – from the Studio of Esther Chung Marks

Esther Chung Marks announced that 5 of her students were winners in the Vivo International Music Competition last month:

Tiffany Ren, age 8 Р1st prize winner?Group A:  Tiffany performed in the Winners Recital at Merkin Concert Hall on January 7.
Mia Liu, age 9 – 2nd prize winner?Group B
Shirley Xiong, age 10 – 2nd prize winner?Group B
Noah Teaney, age 14 – 2nd prize winner?Group C
Lolita Nazarozy, age 17 – 3rd prize winner? Group D

Esther said that they each worked diligently on their audition repertoire, and that she is proud of them all.  Congratulations to Esther and her students for their accomplishments!

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